3 Ton Farm Jack

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Possibly the most versatile jack you can own. It'll do way more than raise a vehicle off the ground. The design is simple, operation is cake, lift range is a 34-1/2 inches and the lifting and pulling strength is Herculean. That's why you'll find these trusted jacks on farms, ranches, around homes and garages, even strapped to off-road vehicles for recovery and trailside repairs.

Combined with chains and hooks you can use it as a come along or winch to stretch fences and recover vehicles. Use it to pull tree stumps, fence posts, concrete lugs and more. Raise, underfill and level sidewalks and decks. With a load rating of 6,000 pounds and heavy duty construction, the possibilities are endless.

--Versatile jack for lifting, pulling, leveling, recovering and winching

--Heavy duty steel construction rated to 6,000 pounds lift capacity

--Lift range of 34-1/2 inches, with low pick-up of 5-1/4 inches

--Easy to operate, with speedy ratcheting action to raise and lower lift saddle

--33 pound weight for portability and convenient on-vehicle storage

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