10 in. Power Grip Pliers

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These 10 inch self adjusting pliers pay homage to the robo grip pliers. Similar in design and identical in function with spring loaded self-adjusting jaws. They'll bit, hold and turn just about any household, jobsite and automotive object that'll fit in the jaws. The pivot design multiplies your gripping force, so if you suffer from arthritis or just want to feel superhuman, this is the tool of choice. The jaws open to 2-3/8" wide, and jaws are parallel to one another at about 1-1/4" apart.

--Jaws self-adjust to grip object 3 times faster than conventional adjustable pliers

--Laminated steel jaws generate 4 times the clamping power of ANSI pliers standard

--Comfortable, grip-multiplying design great for arthritis suffers and all-day use

--Combo jaw design grips flat, round, hex and odd shaped objects

--Hardened steel teeth grip and hold firmly

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