17 Piece Oil Funnel Set with OEM and Universal Adapters

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Save time and messy cleanups with the Powerbuilt 17 piece Oil Funnel Set! It includes 13 vehicle-specific color-coded adapters to fit many vehicle makes and models, and a flexible hose, straight and 45-degree elbows to reach those pesky oil fill tubes. Simply thread the correct adapter onto the fill pipe, attach the hose or elbows to the adapter and the funnel, then fill the funnel with the desired quantity of oil It's fast, simple and clean! The funnel reservoir offers 1.2 quart capacity for fewer refills, with closure caps on both ends to keep dirt and dust away between uses.

-Large 1.1 liter capacity for fewer refills

-Durable, professional shop quality materials and construction

-Includes straight and 45 degree elbow, 9-inch flexible fill tube and 13 vehicle specific adapters

Includes the following adapters:

-Yellow - Lexus/Scion

-Green - Honda/Acura/Nissan

-Blue - Ford/Mazda/Volvo

-Teal - GM

-Dark Blue - Hyundai/Kia

-Light Grey - Chrysler/Dodge

-Dark Grey - Mazda

-Red - Subaru

-Maroon - BMW/Mercedes/Audi/VW

-Orange - Pontiac/Lexus

-Brown - VW/Audi

-Black - GM/Ford

-Purple - Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

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