2.25 Ton Quad Caster Multi-Purpose Jack

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Patented Quad Multi-function jack design lifts Autos, Truck, Motorcycles and ATVs all in one unit. Also with the Quad Caster design this jack has more maneuverability than any other jack on the market and can also function as a motorcycle dolly. With the large flat platform, it can also be used to transport and move numerous other heavy object as well. The Quad Caster Multi-Purpose Jack come with steel security loops for use with ratchet straps to be able to secure any load you are lifting.

Features & Benefits

  • CAPACITY: 4500 pounds (2.25 Tons)
  • LIFT RANGE: 5-1/2 inches to 17-1/2 inches
  • PLATFORM SIZE: 12 inches x 9-1/4 inches (large enough for most cruiser style bikes)
  • QUALITY AND FUNCTION: Meets the ASMP/PASE standards for quality and function

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