2 Piece Self-Adjusting Power Grip Pliers Set

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These handy auto-adjusting pliers offer speed, versatility and grip strength unmatched by regular slip joint or groove joint pliers. They will bite, hold and turn just about any household, jobsite and automotive object that will fit into the jaws. Just squeeze the spring-loaded handles and close the jaws around whatever you need to grip or turn. The high leverage pivot and parallel jaws generate strong grip with minimal effort. Laminated steel construction delivers strength and durability.

Features & Benefits

  • OVERALL SIZE: 7 Inches and 10 Inches
  • AUTO ADJUSTING: Spring Loaded design automatically adjusts and locks into proper place for required fastener
  • COMFORTABLE: Double dip comfort handle grips allow you to apply maximum force without any discomfort
  • STRONG: Laminated steel jaws generate 4 times the clamping power of ANSI pliers standard
  • DURABLE: Layered steel for maximum durability

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