3 Speed Portable Blower Dryer Fan

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Speed up drying times and blow heat, fumes, dust, odors, and more with this impressive 3-speed portable industrial blower dryer fan.  This high-capacity blower fan can quietly move 300 CFM of air in multiple angles to direct the airflow where you need it making it perfect for home, office, garage, or shop. Blowing air is only part of the story with this fan. It includes a carrying handle and two 120V grounded sockets creating a portable power source for additional blower fans, power tools, or additional equipment. The ABC construction means this fan is lightweight yet durable for years of reliable use.

Features & Benefits
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: This 3 speed air blower speeds up drying times; ABS construction means its lightweight and durable;  easily portable due to incorporated carrying handle; includes a built in circuit breaker with a reset switch for motor overload protection
  • CLEAR THE AIR: Great for exhausting heat, fumes, dust, odors, and more to make the home or workspace more comfortable
  • MOVES A LOT OF AIR: Quietly moves up to 300 CFM of air capacity; three speed settings
  • DIRECT THE AIR WHERE YOU NEED IT: Aim air with 4 different directional options
  • PORTABLE POWER SOURCE: Two built in 120 Volt grounded receptacles to power tools, equipment, or additional blowers

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