30 Piece Alternator Pulley Puller Kit

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Removing the alternator pulley is easier with a little help. This kit has a selection of star, spline and hex bits made to fit most major alternator decoupler pulleys (ADP).

Just choose the bit and bit driver combination that fits your particular alternator pulley, insert them into center of the pulley, then hold the bit with a combination wrench and turn the bit driver with a ratchet. Works with both left and right-threaded pulleys.

Instructions are permanently fastened to the inside of the heavy duty storage case. Affordable, precision-made Powerbuilt tools meet or exceed ANSI specifications. Strong and dependable enough to last a lifetime.

Kit services most major alternator brands including Ina, Gates and Litens

  • Selection of star, spline and hex bits and drivers for removing and replacing alternator decoupler pulleys (ADP)
  • Precision-built to meet or exceed ANSI standards
  • Strong and dependable enough to last a lifetime
  • Set includes:
    • 35mm round 4-pin;
    • 38mm hex 3-pin;
    • H28 x H19;
    • H28.1 x H22.1;
    • 22mm hex (30mm L);
    • H28 x H21 hex;
    • H19 x H17 hex;
    • H21 x H17 hex;
    • Spline 33T x H17 hex;
    • Spline 33T x H22 hex;
    • Spline 33T x H15 hex (19mm L);
    • Spline 33T x H15 hex (17.5mm L);
    • 17mm hex (internal hole 13.0);
    • 17mm hex (internal hole 14.8);
    • 1/4" DR x 10mm deep;
    • 1/2" DR x 10mm socket;
    • H10 x 50mm extension;
    • 3/8" DR x M10 (90mm L);
    • 1/2" DR x T50 (113mm L);
    • 1/2" DR x M10 (140mm L);
    • H10 x 67mm L extension;
    • 1/2" DR x M10 (113mm L);
    • 1/2" DR x H8 (120mm L);
    • M10 x 64mm L; H10 x 75mm L;
    • H8 x 75mm L;
    • T50 x 75mm L;
    • T40 x 75mm L;
    • M10 x 75mm L;
    • M8 x 75mm L;
    • storage case
  • Kit #110

    WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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