3000 Lb. Triple Lift Floor Jack

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Get rid of your floor jacks, transmission jacks, and ATV jacks. The 3000 Lb. Triple Lift jack is three jacks in one. This innovative jack has a patented design that lets you lift cars, trucks, motorcycles, or ATVs with ease. The Triple Lift easily lifts just about anything with wheels, works on vehicle transmissions and differentials too. The patent features of this design includes a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails. This flexibility allows the Triple Lift to adapt to multiple types of vehicle frames, including lifting Unibody vehicles, safely. With added built-in tie-down loops, it makes it easy to secure motorcycles in place for added stability. The precision locking design keeps the jack from lowering once raised, eliminating the need to support a lifted vehicle with a separate jack stand.

Features & Benefits

  • REPLACES MULTIPLE JACKS: The patented Triple Lift design fits cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, even transmissions, differentials, lawnmowers, and snowmobiles
  • WIDE LIFT RANGE: From a low of 4 3/4 inches (with the round saddle removed) to a high of 17 inches, you'll be able to lift almost any vehicle in your garage
  • ULTRA STABLE AND SECURE: Thanks to a wide wheelbase, the Triple Lift offers stability well beyond the average floor jack; for even more security, use the included tie-down loops with your tie-downs to secure the load
  • NO NEED FOR JACKSTANDS: Slide the included safety bar in place and the Triple Lift is locked in the raised position
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: tested and certified to meet or exceed ASME and PALD standards

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