6 in. Rusted and Damage Screw Extraction Pliers with Wire Cutter

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When you come across a stuck or rusted screw-type fastener that just will not budge, pick up the Powerbuilt 6 Inch Multi-Function Screw Remover Pliers. These specialty pliers have jaws that are designed with semi-circular serrated groves for gripping screw-type fasteners straight on and applying torque.

But these exceptional multi-function pliers are just getting started with many other functions such as wire cutters, wire bending, wire stripping applications, and even bolt cutting up to 3mm. Built tough with Chrome Vanadium steel but comfortable in the hand with durable double dip handles. So many functions with only one tool in your hand.

Features & Benefits

  • OVERALL SIZE: 6 Inches
  • COMFORTABLE: Double dip handles offer superior grip and comfort
  • DURABLE: Induction hardened cutting edges for durability
  • VERSATILE: Functions include wire cutters, wire bending, wire stripping, and bolt cutter
  • BUILT TO LAST: Strong and dependable; meets or exceeds ANSI specifications

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