ATF Fluid Filler Kit

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Save time and messy cleanups with the Powerbuilt ATF fluid filler kit! It works on many vehicle makes and models, with a generous 6-liter reservoir and 14 vehicle-specific adapters. Simply add ATF fluid to the reservoir, attach the appropriate adapter to the hose fitting, give the pump handle a few pumps, insert the adapter in the ATF fill tube, then open the fluid line using the built-in cut-off valve handle. It's fast, simple, and clean! The heavy-duty reservoir tank stays stable during pumping and use, thanks to the built-in base plate. It has molded fill-level indicators for precise fluid transfer, while the heavy-duty 6 1/2 foot long 5/8 inch OD fill tube is reinforced for flexibility and durability without kinking. The final touch is the included EVA foam storage tray for the adapters that fit right in your toolbox drawer for safe storage and easy access!

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