Cat Ultra-Soft Synthetic Leather Knee Pads - Large - 980748ECT

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Sometimes projects require hours of kneeling or crawling, usually over rough, sharp, or uneven surfaces. The Cat Ultra-Soft Synthetic Leather Knee Pads – Large will help protect your knees so you can get the job done pain-free. These will probably be the most comfortable knee pads you will ever wear, with a 7/8-inch EVA foam inner pad cushioning the knee. Designed with function in mind to protect your knees while minimizing uncomfortable strap binding. A wide positive neoprene strap wraps behind the leg below the knee around to a front Velcro connection. The synthetic leather outer is tough enough to keep the kneepad looking sharp whether you use them on the job site, around the house, gardening, or more. Red easy secure and release pull tab allows fast, functional fastening and release.

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