Deluxe Noid Test Light Set

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Engine running a little rough? Find the faulty fuel injector fast with this deluxe noid test light set. Attach the noid light to the electronic fuel injection component and start the engine. The noid light will blink if the proper on-off signal is being sent.

Noid light too deep inside the engine to see the flash? No problem. The innovative 48 inch fiber optic extension cable slips over the noid light, sending the flash up the cable so you can view it wherever you chose. Also includes two idle air control valve (IAV valve) noid lights.

Instructions are permanently fastened to the inside of the heavy duty storage case. Affordable, precision-made Powerbuilt tools meet or exceed ANSI specifications.

  • Find faulty fuel injectors fast with eight fuel injection noid lights. Also includes two idle air control valve noid lights and a 48 inch fiber optic extension cable for viewing deeply placed lights.
  • Set includes GM PFI; Bosch PFI; IAC (GM Square); GM Mintec; GM SCPI; Geo TBI; IAC (GM Fiat); GM TBI; Ford TBI; fiber optic extension cable; storage case
  • Durable storage case with step-by-step instructions
  • Precision-built to meet or exceed ANSI standards
  • Strong and dependable enough to last a lifetime

Kit Services:

  • Fuel Injection Noid Lights
  • Noid Light No. 1 – GM PFI - Most General Motors port fuel injected engines.
  • Noid Light No. 2 – 
    • Ford 1.9L TBI
    • 1987-88 Escort and Lynx
  • Noid Light No. 3 – 
    • 1989-91 Geo Metro;
    • GM 5.0 & 5.7 RPD/BOSCH PFI vehicles with GM/Bosch and Ford/Bosch systems.
    • May also fit some late Metros.
  • Noid Light No. 4 – BOSCH PFI - Most Asian and European import vehicles.
  • Noid Light No. 5 – GM TBI - Early GM TBI applications:
    • “Maxi-injection” systems including A/C Rochester 100, 200, 220, 300, 400 and 500 throttle bodies. 
    • These include most early to mid 1980’s GM TBI units.
  • Noid Light No. 6 – GM SCPI 1994 and newer Chevrolet and GMC trucks with SCPI (V6 and V8 engines)
  • Noid Light No. 7 – LATE MODEL GEO 1992 and later Geo models
  • Noid Light No. 8 – BOSCH EFI/GM LTBI GM vehicles with LTBI including throttle bodies 295 and 700.  Bosch EFI on Ford, GM and some imports.
  • Idle Air Control Valve Noid Lights
  • IAC Noid Light
    • No. 1 – GM 700 TBI & PFI 1987 to present with rectangular 4-pin  connector
    • IAC Noid Light  GM 700 TBI & PFI 1982-91 with square 4-pin
    • No. 2 – connector
  • Kit #33

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