Digital Borescope Camera

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View and inspect just about anything, anywhere with the Powerbuilt Digital Videoscope and Boroscope! The 36-inch long flexible wide angle camera shaft can snake into an opening as small as 11/32 inch in diameter so you can view what's inside on a 2.4 inch color LCD display. The videoscope even allows you to brighten, darken or rotate the picture for easier viewing. RCA video out jack permits remote viewing/recording on a separate monitor. Operates up to 5 hours continuously on 4 AA batteries (not included). Comes with an attachable hook, magnet and mirror for extra versatility.

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-Perfect for plumbers, mechanics, tradesman and homeowners

-Flexible borescope shaft has adjustable LED lights at tip

-Attachable hook, magnet and mirror for retrieving small items

-RCA video out jack permits remote viewing/recording on a separate monitor

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