Disc Brake Pad Spreader

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This brake pad spreader creates sufficient clearance for quick removal and installation of brake pads by compressing the piston back into the bore. It's suitable for most front brake calipers and many rear brake calipers. This tool works on vehicles without automatically-adjusting parking brake mechanism. Lets you push the inner pad and compress the piston into the bore, creating space to install new brake pads.

Any specialty tool will help make an automotive repair or maintenance task easier, but Powerbuilt products take the concept of ‘help’ a big step further.  Every package comes with professionally written usage instructions that take you step by step through proper tool usage.

  • Brake pad spreader makes space for installing new brake pads
  • Works on most front brake calipers and many rear brake calipers
  • Precision built tool that meets or exceeds ANSI standards
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

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