Honda 50mm Crank Pulley Holder

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The Powerbuilt 50mm crank pulley tool is essential for removing the crank pulley on most Honda and Acura engines. It will save time, heartache, busted knuckles and endless frustration. Simple attach a 1/2" drive socket extension and a long breaker or cheater bar and break the socket loose. Simple and effective! Powerbuilt Tools are Serious Tools for Serious Work. Millions of Powerbuilt products are used every day around the globe, on the job, at home and in the garage. Powerbuilt tools are built with the performance, features, fit and finish to satisfy the most demanding users. No matter which Powerbuilt tool you select, you will enjoy the added confidence of knowing that all Powerbuilt tools and equipment meet or exceed applicable standards set by the US Government and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Ready to get serious? Get Powerbuilt tools!

--For removal and installation of crankshaft pulley bolt on most Honda and Acura engines

--Hexagonal shape fits hole in center of crankshaft pulley

--Prevents engine from turning when held with breaker bar

--Hole in center allows socket access to crankshaft pulley bolt

--Package includes usage instructions and photos

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