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Getting ready to bug out? Our staffers have curated a selection of essential products to get you moving fast and light.  You'll be well-equipped and ready for almost anything that comes your way. 

And thanks to our special combo pack pricing, you'll have money left over for other operations essentials 

In fact, you'll save $98 by buying the combo pack. 

The Operations Combo Pack includes:

Tectus Tactical Concealed Carry Briefcase 

Tectus™ is Latin for concealed or hidden and a fitting name for this multifunctional carryall. It makes the perfect briefcase, range bag, gear bag or day pack. Tough enough to support civilian travel, work or tactical operations. Features a fully padded main compartment, rear administrative panel and front concealment compartment. Constructed from premium 1000-denier nylon fabric with high-grade waterproofing for maximum durability and weather protection.

1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 

Light your way with this powerful, compact, durable and long-lasting 1000 lumen tactical flashlight. It features a genuine CREE® XP-L V6 LED and is loaded with all the features you need in a pocket-size handheld light. For everything from outdoor adventures to tactical and industrial use, you can depend on it for reading maps, inspecting gear or illuminating your operating environment.

LED Penlight


Powerful, compact, durable and long-lasting. In other words, everything you need in a penlight. The genuine CREE® XP-E LED pumps out 60 lumens in a tight focused beam, perfect for reading maps, inspecting gear and illuminating your operating environment. The aluminum body will take the hard knocks while the convenient tail switch makes one-handed on/off easy.

Ballast Multi-Tool

This industrial inspired multi-tool backs up good looks with solid performance. Underneath the sleek aluminum skin is a multi-function solution for work, play, outdoors, automotive, boat or RV. Thirteen handy tools are housed in a lightweight aluminum chassis. These stainless steel tools resist corrosion, while the adjustable set screws let you snug everything up as needed with use.

UTAC 8 in. Folding Knife

You don't need to be a first responder to appreciate this rugged everyday carry folder. If being prepared for any scenario is important to you, this versatile knife is the perfect companion. The razor sharp 3-1/2 inch drop-point blade is equally adept at cutting and thrusting. The integrated seat belt cutter and tungsten glass break are designed for quick rescue and recovery in roadside emergencies.  



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