Powerbuilt 12mm Back Tap Spark Plug Thread Repair Tool - 641148

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It’s every mechanic’s worst nightmare - a cross-threaded spark plug hole. Now there’s a better way to fix the problem – the Back -Tap™12mm thread cutting and restoring tool from Powerbuilt Tools.

The Back-Tap's patented collapsible design allows it to be placed all the way through the bore or spark plug hole. A mandrel is then drawn back, expanding the tool's threaded area and threading into the clean threads at the bottom of the bore. The Back-Tap repairs the damaged threads as it is drawn up through the bore, bringing debris and metal filings with it. Voila! A cleanly threaded bore immediately followed by a sigh of relief!

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-- Patented expanding design cuts new spark plug threads from the inside out

-- Collapsed tool passes through hole, then expands to cut threads and extract shavings

-- May prevent expensive cylinder head removal and tapping

-- Works on 12mm spark plug holes

-- Meets or exceeds ANSI standards

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