Powerbuilt 2 Piece Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Diesel Injection 17 MM Socket Set - 647764

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Servicing the diesel injectors on a Ford Power Stroke engine without damaging expensive components can be tricky. You need a special socket to make the job quicker and stress-free. The Powerbuilt 17mm 12 Point specialized socket set is the answer for an easy install and removal of Ford Power Stroke Diesel injectors. The depth stop design keeps sockets at the proper height. With the advent of high-pressure injection on Diesel engines, the need for replacing and correctly torquing these diesel injector lines is ever more critical. These unique 17 mm 12-point flare nut sockets with a deep crows foot design allow the technician to remove various injector lines easily and without damaging electrical connections. The long socket has the clearance required and linear shape to torque the fuel lines properly.

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