Powerbuilt 3/8 Inch Drive Stud Extractor - 647794

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Removing engine block studs can be one of the most frustrating steps in engine servicing. Studs breaking, stripped threads, or being solidly stuck are unfortunately common problems. Powerbuilt has the cure. The Powerbuilt 3/8 Inch Drive Stud Extractor extracts clean, rusted, broken, or stripped engine block or chassis studs with ease. The handy stud extractor can be driven with either impact gun, 3/8-inch drive ratchets, bar or wrench so that anyone can use it from a professional to a DIY shade tree mechanic. The universal adjustable 3 jaw design works like a drill chuck with the best results on 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch (6mm – 12mm) studs. The stud extractor’s compact size means you can use it in the engine bay or on the bench. The tool meets or exceeds ANSI standards and has a lifetime warranty.

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