Powerbuilt 4-in-1 Universal Fan Clutch Wrench - 647750

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PowerbuiltSKU: 647750
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This versatile 4-in-1 Univeral Fan Clutch Wrench incorporates four of the most common sizes found on vehicles with clutch type cooling fans; 1 9/16-inch(39mm), 1 ¼- inch(32mm), 1 7/16-inch(36mm), and 1 7/8-inch(47/48mm). Its slim design fits easily into those hard-to-reach tight spaces better than most convention combination wrenches. The built-in 1/2-inch drive opening allows for the added torque of ratchets or breaker bars if needed to loosen stubborn fan clutch fasteners. Made from high quality steel this tool is designed for both the DIY mechanic and professional technician.

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