Powerbuilt 3-in-1 Heavy-Duty Work Table Dolly Cart - 642928ECE

PowerbuiltSKU: 642928ECE
UPC: 028907602806



Powerbuilt versatile 3in1 table, dolly, cart, all-in-one multi-functional platform, use it as a mobile workspace to store your needed tools or lower the table to the dolly position for easy transportation of tools or heavy objects. When the table is extended, it provides a spacious work surface with slotted storage areas for your basic tools, cup holders, and other essentials. Lower the folding legs to the bottom dolly position to help move heavy objects on the rolling lockable casters. This multi-height position table extends up to 31 inches high and has a 40.5 inches x 20.5 inches platform. Constructed of heavy-duty blow mold plastic materials and metal legs and handle, the max load weight in the high table position is 180 pounds. In the lowest dolly or cart position, the max load weight is 330 pounds. With its practical design and versatile features, this table/cart is a reliable companion for various tasks, offering both convenience and functionality.

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