Safety Utility Knife Box Cutter Self-Retracting Blade with 3 Blades

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Work faster and smarter with the Cat® safety utility knife. This box cutter is designed and built for the harshest work environments. Cutting edge comfort and performance make it the right knife anywhere cutting safety and speed matter. Use it in safety mode by squeezing the trigger bar to expose the blade. Then release the trigger bar to retract the blade for safe storage between uses. Repetitive cutting tasks are easy too – just lock the blade open, make your cuts then unlock the blade to close it again. No need to slow down to change a blade – just one button unlocks the blade for easy change out, and onboard storage keeps fresh blades close at hand. The Cat® Safety Utility knife comes complete with 3 round point safety blades and accepts all standard size replacement blades.

-Squeeze the trigger bar to extend the blade for cutting, then release the trigger bar to retract it

-Use optional blade lock for repetitive cutting tasks

-Durable, lightweight and comfortable design stands up to all day use

-Push button blade removal and onboard blade storage for quick, tool-free blade changes

-Includes 3 round point safety blades and accepts all standard utility knife blades

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