Self-Adjusting Oil Filter Pliers with 30 Degree Angled Jaws

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Powerbuilt Self-Adjusting Oil Filter Pliers with 30-degree angled jaws offer a safer, faster and cleaner way to remove hard to reach oil filters.

The secret? They automatically close to the right size to grip and turn filters from 2-1/4 to 4-3/4 inch diameter. That covers just about every size oil filter on the shelf at your auto parts store.

You only need one hand to use them, and the more you turn them the harder they bite. 

The 30-degree angled jaws are just the ticket for reaching, grabbing and turning oil filters tucked away in engine compartments.

They're constructed from laminated steel for maximum strength and stiffness. And the cushioned handles offer comfort and grip to spare.  

  • Self-adjusts to grip and turn oil filters from 2-1/2 in. to 4-3/4 in. diameter
  • 30 degree angled jaws reach and turn filters in tight spaces
  • Sharp teeth dig into oil filter walls for no-slip grip
  • Grips harder as it turns
  • Comfortable handles offer added grip
  • Lifetime warranty 

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm -

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