Trades Pro Auto Loading Box Cutter Utility Knife - 837356

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This is one of the nicest utility knives you'll use. It addresses all the shortcomings of the everyday box cutter and then some. Blade changes are a tool free affair, and literally start and end with the push of a button. Push the blade release button, pull out the used blade and either discard it or reverse it so the fresh end is ready for use.

When it's time to load a fresh blade, push the handle lock button and swing down the bottom of the handle. You can store several blades inside the handle and store your used blades there as well for later disposal. The handle features ergonomic finger grooves as well as a nice curved shape. It's easy to have a secure yet comfy grip on the knife.

Lastly, you can select from 4 blade exposure settings to control depth of cuts. It includes one blade and can be loaded with additional standard utility knife blades.

Trades Pro® products offer dependable quality to get the job done. Each one meets or exceeds US government standards for durability and performance and offers a factory warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

--Comfortable and durable utility knife offers fast baldes changes and ergonomic design

--Push the blade release button to remove and swap a dull blade - no tools needed

--Store extra blades inside the knife body for convenient and safe access

--Ergonomic shaped handle with molded finger grooves for sure grip

--Lightweight and tough zinc alloy construction

--Includes one standard utility blade

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